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Altina Le Blanc Sparkling 750ml

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Indulge in the sophisticated sparkle of Altina Le Blanc, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that epitomizes elegance with every sip. Crafted from natural ingredients and native Australian botanicals, this exquisite beverage presents a unique blend of Australian Forestberry and tart Apple, enhanced by the subtle complexity of Green Tea tannins and native Wattleseed. The experience culminates in a refreshing finish, with a hint of Cayenne Pepper warmth. Altina Le Blanc is more than a drink; it's a celebration of natural ingredients, designed for moments of relaxation and refinement.

Experience the elegance of Altina Le Blanc, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine with Australian Forestberry, tart Apple, Green Tea, Wattleseed, and a hint of Cayenne Pepper. Perfect for relaxing in style.

Key Features

  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: Praised for its distinctive blend and the finesse with which it mimics traditional sparkling wines, offering a unique, non-alcoholic alternative.
  • Non-Alcoholic: Meticulously crafted by blending natural ingredients with native Australian botanicals, achieving a layered and complex taste profile without alcohol.
  • Flavor Profile: Opens with a lively burst of Australian Forestberry and tart Apple, followed by the refinement of dry Green Tea tannins and the nutty undertones of Wattleseed. The experience concludes with a refreshing acidity and the subtle warmth of Cayenne Pepper.
  • Innovative and Natural: Combining the ritual and theater of wine with the discovery of new, natural ingredients, Altina Le Blanc offers a nuanced, engaging drinking experience.

Producer Background

Altina Drinks is at the forefront of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, pioneering with its commitment to offering sophisticated alternatives that do not compromise on flavor or experience. Through the careful selection and blending of natural ingredients and native Australian botanicals, Altina ensures each beverage is a testament to innovation, quality, and the enjoyment of wine without alcohol.

Flavor Profile

  • Entrance: A vibrant burst of Australian Forestberry and tart Apple introduces the palate to a refreshing start.
  • Middle: The journey continues with the elegance of dry and delicate Green Tea tannins, complemented by the richness of native Wattleseed, creating a balanced and complex flavor profile.
  • Finish: The finale is marked by a refreshing acidity and the gentle warmth of Cayenne Pepper, offering a lingering, balanced finish.
  • Unique Components: The inclusion of native botanicals like Wattleseed and the subtle spice of Cayenne Pepper adds depth and a hint of warmth, enhancing the overall complexity.

Food Pairings

The crisp and complex nature of Altina Le Blanc makes it a versatile pairing with a variety of dishes. Its bright notes of Forestberry and Apple pair beautifully with light appetizers, such as seafood canapés or fresh salads. The nuanced flavors also complement white meats and delicate fish dishes, where the subtle tannins and nuttiness can shine. For a refreshing contrast, pair it with spicy Asian cuisine to balance the heat with its crisp finish.

Altina Le Blanc is your go-to choice for an elegant, relaxing end to the day. Its careful blend of natural ingredients and Australian botanicals offers a sophisticated, non-alcoholic alternative that delights with complexity and crispness, perfect for sipping ice cold in a sparkling wine glass. Whether you're unwinding alone or hosting an elegant gathering, Altina Le Blanc promises a refined and memorable experience.

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