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Belgrove Wholly Shit Smoked Rye Whisky 500ml

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Belgrove Wholly Shit Smoked Rye Whisky

Size: 500ml

Spirit: Tasmanian Rye Whisky, Smoked with Belgrove Sheep dung

APV: 45% 

Origin: Kempton, TAS

From the Distillery: 

The malted rye grain for this 100% Rye Whisky was smoked by burning dried sheep dung. The sh!t was shoveled from under my sheep shearing shed by Gordon.

Belgrove sheep eat the spent grains from the distillery, their dung fertilises the farm and some of their dung is burnt. Ultimate recycling.

Despite the thought, dried sheep dung is similar to dried peat, they are both partially decayed vegetation.

The phenol notes are quite obvious but delicate, there is a honey sweetness and quite a fruity nose.

Typical spicy, peppery rye notes.

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