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Bream Creek Riesling 2023 6 x 750ml

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Discover the Bream Creek Riesling 2023, a pristine Tasmanian Riesling renowned for its intense mid-palate and dry finish. With delicate aromas of lemon juice, grapefruit pith, and white flowers, this wine offers a harmonious blend of citrus flavors and chalky acidity, making it a perfect companion for seafood dishes like sushi and Tasmanian scallops. Enjoy now or cellar for future delight.

Explore Bream Creek Riesling 2023, a Tasmanian gem with lemon, lime, and ruby grapefruit flavors, perfect for pairing with sushi and scallops. Enjoy now or cellar for later.

Key Features

  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 94/100
  • Aromas: Lemon juice, grapefruit pith, white flowers
  • Flavors: Lemon, lime, ruby grapefruit
  • Acidity: Chalky, providing a cleansing finish
  • Finish: Dry, with extended intensity

Producer Background

Bream Creek Vineyard, situated in the lush landscapes of Tasmania, is celebrated for its commitment to producing high-quality wines that capture the essence of their unique terroir. The 2023 Riesling is a testament to their meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, embodying the pristine characteristics of Tasmanian viticulture.

Flavour Profile

The Bream Creek Riesling 2023 greets the palate with a vibrant burst of lemon and lime, balanced by the subtle bitterness of ruby grapefruit. The delicate aromas of lemon juice, grapefruit pith, and white flowers enhance the wine’s refreshing profile. Its chalky acidity provides a crisp, clean finish, making it an invigorating and satisfying wine.

Food Pairings

The lightness and acidity of the Bream Creek Riesling 2023 make it an excellent match for a variety of dishes:

  • Sushi: The citrus notes complement the freshness of sushi.
  • Fried Tasmanian Scallops: The wine’s acidity cuts through the richness of fried seafood.
  • Angasi Oysters: Served natural, these native Tasmanian oysters pair beautifully with the wine's crisp profile.

Whether enjoyed immediately or after careful cellaring, the Bream Creek Riesling 2023 promises a delightful tasting experience.

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