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Brick Lane Brewing Co Sidewinder XPA Non Alc 355ml

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Brick Lane Brewing Co's Sidewinder XPA Non-Alc offers a revolutionary taste experience, blending the full-bodied flavour of an exceptional XPA with the added benefit of being non-alcoholic. This beverage is a game-changer for those seeking the rich taste of craft beer without the alcohol, making it a must-try for health-conscious beer lovers and social drinkers across Australia.

Key Features

  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 9/10 - Lauded for its intricate flavour profile that doesn't compromise on the essence of a traditional XPA, despite being non-alcoholic.
  • Brewery: Brick Lane Brewing Co, a trailblazer in the craft beer industry, known for their innovative and inclusive approach to brewing.
  • Style: XPA (Extra Pale Ale), Non-Alcoholic, expertly crafted to deliver a full-flavoured experience that mirrors its alcoholic counterparts.
  • ABV (Alcohol By Volume): Less than 0.5%, providing the enjoyment of beer without the effects of alcohol.
  • Packaging: Comes in stylish cans that reflect the modern and inclusive ethos of Brick Lane Brewing Co, perfect for any occasion.

Producer Background

Brick Lane Brewing Co, nestled in the heart of Australia's vibrant craft beer scene, is celebrated for its commitment to innovation, quality, and community. The brewery's dedication to crafting a diverse range of beers, including non-alcoholic options like the Sidewinder XPA Non-Alc, showcases their passion for making craft beer accessible to everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences.

Flavour Profile

The Sidewinder XPA Non-Alc is characterized by its rich, hoppy flavour with notes of citrus and pine, delivering a complex and satisfying taste experience. Its carefully balanced bitterness and subtle malt foundation create a full-bodied brew that's remarkably close to traditional alcoholic beers in depth and character, making it a standout choice for non-alcoholic options.

Food Pairings

  • Spicy Foods: The bold flavours of the Sidewinder XPA Non-Alc cut through the spice of dishes like Thai curries or Indian tandoori, offering a refreshing balance.
  • BBQ and Smoky Flavours: Its hoppy character complements the richness of barbecued meats, smoked cheeses, and grilled vegetables.
  • Pub Grub: Perfect with classic pub fare such as burgers, fish and chips, or a hearty pie, enhancing the flavours with its crisp finish.
  • Cheese Platters: The beer's complexity pairs well with a variety of cheeses, from sharp cheddar to creamy brie, elevating the tasting experience.

Brick Lane Brewing Co's Sidewinder XPA Non-Alc is the perfect choice for those who love the taste of beer but prefer or need to avoid alcohol. Its exceptional flavour profile ensures that you don't miss out on the craft beer experience, making it ideal for social occasions, midweek dinners, or any moment when you desire the taste of a great beer without the alcohol content.

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