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Clarence House Estate Merlot 2022 750ml

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Clarence House Estate Merlot 2022: A Timeless Elegance from Hobart’s Historic Vines

Experience the refined elegance of the Clarence House Estate Merlot 2022, a wine rooted in the rich historical soils of Hobart. Brought into existence within the nurturing embrace of a property dating back to 1830, this Merlot carries the essence of tradition interwoven with contemporary mastery, as showcased by vintners Justin Bubb and Anna Pooley.

The 2022 Merlot is a testament to the maturation and mastery of the Merlot grape, aged gracefully in French Oak for six months, infusing the wine with a nuanced complexity and a harmonious balance of flavors. This exquisite creation carries the depth and elegance that allows it to stand alongside a variety of meats, enhancing the dining experience with its well-rounded character.

Whether chosen to grace your table today or allowed to further unveil its depths over the next decade, the Clarence House Estate Merlot 2022 offers a versatile indulgence, ready to enchant with its timeless elegance. Let each sip transport you to the north-east slopes of Clarence Plains, where vines have flourished under dedicated care, culminating in wines that resonate with the exceptional beauty and quality of Tasmanian craftsmanship.



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