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Natural Wine in Australia - Hop Vine & Still

Natural Wine in Australia

Natural wine is a relatively new concept in Australia, with the industry only gaining momentum in the last decade. Despite its recent popularity, natural wine has quickly become a staple in many Australian wine lists, and its reputation for being a more sustainable and authentic wine option has made it a hit with both consumers and sommeliers.

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is a type of wine that is made using minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery. This means that winemakers use organic or biodynamic farming methods, and avoid using chemicals, preservatives or artificial yeasts during the winemaking process. Natural wines are also typically made from grapes that are hand-harvested and fermented with wild yeasts. The result is a wine that is not only more environmentally friendly but also has a unique and authentic taste.

The Benefits of Natural Wine

There are several benefits of natural wine, including its impact on the environment, its taste, and its health benefits. Natural wine is made using sustainable farming practices, which helps to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the vineyard. Additionally, natural wines are typically lower in sulfites, which are commonly used as preservatives in traditional winemaking. This means that natural wines are often easier on the stomach and less likely to cause headaches.

The Taste of Natural Wine

The taste of natural wine is what sets it apart from traditional wines. Natural wines are made using wild yeasts, which gives them a unique and often unpredictable flavour. The lack of chemicals and preservatives also allows the natural flavors of the grapes to shine through. This gives natural wines a more authentic and earthy taste, and often, a sour or funky flavor that is not commonly found in traditional wines.

Natural Wine in Australia

Australia has a thriving natural wine industry, with many winemakers opting for sustainable and minimalist winemaking practices. Some of the top natural wine regions in Australia include the Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley, and Margaret River.


Natural wine is a growing trend in Australia, and its reputation for being a more sustainable and authentic wine option has made it a hit with both consumers and sommeliers. With its unique taste and health benefits, natural wine is sure to continue to gain popularity in the coming years. So next time you're looking for a new wine to try, consider opting for a natural wine from one of Australia's top winemakers.

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