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Tasmanian Spirits

Tasmanian Spirits - Celebrate with Gin, Whisky and Others from Tasmania


Immerse yourself in the flavours of Tasmania with our curated selection of Tasmanian gin and whisky at Hop Vine & Still. Our spirits shelf is a testament to the craftsmanship of Tasmanian distilleries, each bottle offering a unique taste of our beautiful island.

Tasmanian gin has become renowned for its innovative blends and botanical richness. Our gin selection showcases the range of styles produced across the island, from classic dry gins to contemporary interpretations bursting with local botanicals. Whether you prefer a traditional G&T or love to experiment with cocktails, our Tasmanian gins add a distinct character to your drink.

Equally captivating is our range of Tasmanian whisky. Crafted in the island's finest distilleries, these whiskies reflect Tasmania's pristine environment and the meticulous art of distillation. From robust, peaty expressions to smoother, honeyed varieties, our collection invites you to explore the rich spectrum of Tasmanian whisky.

Experience the extraordinary world of Tasmanian spirits with Hop Vine & Still. Whether you're a gin enthusiast, a whisky aficionado, or simply curious about Tasmanian distilleries, we're here to guide you on your tasting journey. Connect with us today to learn more about our spirits range.

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