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BOS+ Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 330ml

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Dive deep into the rich, velvety embrace of BOS+ Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, a majestic embodiment of Tasmanian craft beer artistry. This monumental Imperial Stout navigates the exquisite interplay of malt-derived sweetness, intense coffee, and luxurious chocolate notes, each sip unfurling a tapestry of flavours aged to perfection in single-use Bourbon barrels.

Carefully curated by BOS Brewery’s Head Brewer, David Ellis, and borne from the crucible of award-winning homebrew mastery, this Imperial Stout holds the distinguished honour of triumph at the Tasmanian State Homebrew Competition 2020. It’s not just a beer, but a legacy, forming the magnificent flagship of the Dark Barrel aged beer program.

Sourced predominantly from the USA, the select Bourbon barrels enrich the stout with an extraordinary infusion of oak and Bourbon sophistication. This distinctive choice ensures a symphony of flavours, with profound echoes of vanilla, oak, and Bourbon, each note meticulously complimenting the stout’s opulent character.

A celebratory elixir with an ABV ranging from 9-12%, the BOS+ Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is an invitation to savour life’s milestones. Its full-bodied embrace and mild bitterness are balanced with impeccable finesse, offering a beer to be cherished, savoured, and shared amongst friends on special occasions.

Step into a realm where each sip narrates a tale of Tasmanian craft beer excellence and impeccable aging artistry. Experience the masterful balance and extraordinary profile of the BOS+ Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - a peerless spectacle of craft beer brilliance.

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