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BOS+ Premium Tasmanian Porter 330ml

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Experience the grandeur of the BOS+ Premium Tasmanian Porter, a magnificent ode to the timeless legacy of dark beers. Originating from the cherished roots of Porter styles, revered as the grandfathers of dark beers, this exquisite Tasmanian creation is a harmonious blend of robust full-bodied richness and delightful aromatic complexity.

This magnificent Porter reverently showcases Australian roasted and black malts in a splendid symphony of taste and aroma. It unfolds an intoxicating tapestry woven with moderate to intense notes of chocolate, caramel, coffee, and toffee, each sip echoing the Porter’s illustrious heritage. Crafted meticulously following our award-winning recipe, the BOS+ Premium Tasmanian Porter stands as a beacon of beer craftsmanship.

In an elegant finish, the beer whispers subtle notes of coconut, stone fruit, and cream, a delicate touch introduced by the infusion of Sabro hops. The result is a Porter that not only speaks of tradition and authenticity but also brings a contemporary, refreshing complexity and enjoyability to your tasting experience.

Embark on a rich and delightful journey through the elegant world of the BOS+ Premium Tasmanian Porter. Allow your senses to bask in the sophisticated blend of historical reverence and innovative craftsmanship that makes this Porter a true Tasmanian premium beer treasure.

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