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Claymore Wines God Is A DJ Riesling 2023 750ml

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant and aromatic experience of Claymore God Is A DJ Riesling 2023. This 750ml bottle offers a symphony of fresh lemon juice, crunchy green apple, and delicate floral notes, balanced by refreshing minerals. Ideal for those who appreciate a lively and lingering white wine.

Discover the Claymore God Is A DJ Riesling 2023, a lively and aromatic wine with notes of green apple, lemon, and jasmine. Enjoy its fresh and moreish character.

Key Features

  • Vintage: 2023
  • Aroma: Blossom, green apple, talcum powder, lemon pith, and jasmine
  • Palate: Fresh lemon juice, crunchy minerals, and underlying notes of green apple and jasmine
  • Finish: Fleshy, lingering persistence with a balanced freshness
  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 95/100

Producer Background

Claymore Wines, based in the Clare Valley, is renowned for crafting wines with unique character and exceptional quality. Their God Is A DJ Riesling 2023 reflects their innovative approach and dedication to producing wines that are both expressive and enjoyable. Known for their distinctive labels and vibrant flavours, Claymore Wines consistently delivers outstanding wines that captivate the senses.

Flavour Profile

The Claymore God Is A DJ Riesling 2023 is alluringly aromatic, with enticing notes of blossom, crunchy green apple, and a subtle hint of talcum powder. As you swirl the glass, the layers unfold to reveal underlying lemon pith and jasmine, creating a delightful bouquet. On the palate, this Riesling offers a fabulous balance between fresh lemon juice and crunchy minerals, complemented by the crispness of green apple and the subtle floral undertones of jasmine. The finish is fleshy and lingering, with a persistent freshness that keeps you coming back for more.

Food Pairings

This Riesling pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its bright acidity and aromatic profile make it an excellent match for spicy Asian cuisine, such as Thai green curry or Szechuan stir-fry. It also complements seafood dishes like grilled scallops, prawns, and fresh oysters. For a vegetarian option, try it with a vibrant salad or a zesty vegetable stir-fry to enhance its fresh and lively character.

Indulge in the Claymore God Is A DJ Riesling 2023, a wine that promises a memorable and moreish experience. Perfect for any occasion, this Riesling will have you reaching for another glass.

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