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Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023 6 x 750ml

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Experience the exquisite Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023, a delightful and crisp wine that tantalises the taste buds with its bright and fruity flavours. Lightly aged in French oak, this 14% ABV Chardonnay is perfect for summer afternoons and pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes.

Savor the Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023, a crisp and fruity wine lightly oaked in French barrels. Perfect for summer afternoons, this 14% ABV Chardonnay offers vibrant flavors.

Key Features

  • Wine Name: Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023
  • Winery: Island Winemaking
  • Alcohol Content: 14%
  • Clone: I10V1
  • Aging: Lightly Oaked in French Oak
  • Ideal Pairings: Light meals, summer afternoons

Producer Background

Kelvedon Estate, nestled in Tasmania, is celebrated for its dedication to producing high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. The estate partners with Island Winemaking, renowned for its careful and innovative winemaking techniques. This collaboration results in wines that are both refined and true to the vineyard's heritage.

Flavour Profile

The Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023 is a harmonious blend of crispness and fruitiness, enhanced by light French oak aging. This wine boasts bright flavors of apple, pear, and citrus, with subtle oak notes adding depth and complexity. The vibrant and lingering finish makes each sip a delightful experience, perfect for warm weather enjoyment.

Food Pairings

This Chardonnay pairs excellently with a variety of dishes, including grilled chicken, seafood, and light pasta dishes. Its bright and crisp profile also complements salads and soft cheeses, making it an ideal choice for summer picnics and gatherings.

Indulge in the Kelvedon Estate Chardonnay 2023, a testament to Tasmanian winemaking excellence, and enjoy its refreshing and vibrant flavors on any sunny afternoon.

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