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Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017 6 x 750ml

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Discover the exquisite Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017, a high-quality sparkling red wine from the Barossa Valley. With a deep ruby colour and hints of purple, this wine offers a bouquet of smoked meats, earth, and ironstone aromas. The medium-bodied palate is intense yet smooth, with silky tannins and a dry, clean finish. Perfect for immediate enjoyment or aging, this sparkling Shiraz promises a long, satisfying finish.

Experience Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017 – a high-quality Barossa Valley sparkling red with smoked meats, earth, and ironstone aromas. Silky tannins and a clean, dry finish. Ideal for aging.

Key Features

  • Appearance: Deep ruby colour with a hint of purple at the rim.
  • Aromatics: Smoked meats, earth, and ironstone aromas, characteristic of Barossa Shiraz.
  • Palate: Medium-bodied and intense with silky-smooth tannins. Dry, clean finish with low dosage.
  • Tasting Panel Score: 94/100

Producer Background

Teusner Wines, a respected name in the Barossa Valley, is known for producing exceptional wines that capture the essence of the region. The MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017 reflects Teusner's commitment to quality and tradition, offering a unique sparkling red that showcases the rich flavours and characteristics of Barossa Shiraz. This wine is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a memorable drinking experience.

Flavour Profile

The Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017 features a rich and complex flavour profile. The bouquet presents enticing aromas of smoked meats, earth, and ironstone, true to its Barossa roots. The palate is medium-bodied yet intense, with silky-smooth tannins providing a refined texture. The finish is dry and refreshingly clean, with a low dosage that enhances the wine's natural balance and structure. This sparkling Shiraz is perfect for enjoying now or aging for future enjoyment.

Food Pairings

This versatile sparkling Shiraz pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Enjoy it with:

  • Barbecued meats, such as smoked ribs or brisket
  • Charcuterie boards featuring cured meats and aged cheeses
  • Rich stews and casseroles
  • Dark chocolate desserts

Ideal for both casual and elegant gatherings, the Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz 2017 is a sophisticated and unique wine that enhances any meal with its rich flavours and refined finish. Experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Teusner Wines with every sip.

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