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Imperial Stout Collection

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We’ve unlocked the gates to our treasured cellar, unveiling a collection that has been shrouded in mystery and aged to perfection over the years. A limited cache of our majestic Imperial Stouts is now emerging from their hallowed slumbers, ready to grace your glass with their magnificent presence.

These Imperial Stouts, known for their opulent richness, intense flavors, and luxurious aromas, have been patiently maturing, each one cultivating a unique personality and depth of character. The passage of time has woven a tapestry of intricate flavors and aromatic wonders into each bottle, making them a rare and exquisite treat for your senses.

🌟 Fox Friday Its My Party & I'll Adjunct If I Want To Imperial Stout 2021 Aged with grace, this whimsical creation bursts forth with a playful melody of adjunct flavors. It has marinated in time, allowing its intricate details and delightful surprises to flourish, promising a tasting experience like no other.

🌟 Wolf Of The Willows Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP V Resting in our cellar’s embrace, this stout has breathed in the whispers of Lark whisky barrels, absorbing layers of smoky allure and oaken tales, evolving into a captivating symphony of warmth and complexity.

🌟 Bentspoke Descent Imperial Stout 2021 Cradled in the passage of time, this profound brew embodies the essence of artisanal excellence. As the moments have unfolded, it has deepened its roots, creating a luscious landscape of chocolate and coffee harmonies.

🌟 Hargreaves Hill Imperial Stout 2020 A timeless relic of our collection, this stout has navigated the rivers of time, enriching its traditional soul with the patience and wisdom of the ages. It brings forth a rich, vintage taste that speaks volumes of its journey.

Our cellar’s secretive tales are now ready to be told, poured, and adored. We have reserved a modest batch for those eager to revel in these rarities, so ensure you secure your share of history, heart, and heavenly flavors from our cherished Imperial Stout Collection.


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