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Give Back Product: Supporting Our Community

Give Back Product: Supporting Our Community

At Hop Vine & Still, we believe in making each sip count towards creating a better world. That's why, every month, we're thrilled to support a new cause or organisation through our Give Back Product initiative! 


How We Make an Impact:


  • 🗓 Monthly Rotation: We partner with a different cause or organisation every month, amplifying their mission and contributing to their goals. 
  • 🤝 Collaborative Choice: Together with the selected organisation, we carefully choose a special product to feature, ensuring your purchase directly benefits their cause.
  • 💖 Collective Impact: Your purchase not only allows you to enjoy a premium wine but also contributes to the ongoing support and success of various impactful initiatives.


Join us in this monthly journey of giving back, one sip at a time. Let's raise our glasses to a world of positive change! 


Find this months Give Back Product here - October product coming soon.

All profit from the sale of this product for the month will go to the following organisation - TBC



Are you an organisation wanting to partner with us to help your fundraising efforts?


At Hop Vine & Still, we are committed to giving back to our community. As part of our dedication to social responsibility, we have established the "Give Back Product" initiative. Each month, we partner with a chosen charity or organisation to support their noble cause through our sales.


How it Works


  • Selection of Product:

    • We collaborate with the chosen organisation to select a suitable product from our store's collection, which will be featured as the Give Back Product for the month.


  • Merchandising and Online Promotion:

    • The selected product is prominently displayed in our physical store and showcased on our website for the entire month.
    • We work closely with the organisation to provide all necessary information about the product, its benefits, and how to find it in our store.
    • Assets like images and descriptions are shared with the organisation for effective online communication via email and social media channels.


  • Community Engagement:

    • To boost sales and support the organisation’s mission, we actively promote the product and partnership throughout the month.
    • Information about the featured product, the organisation’s cause, and how purchasing the product contributes to the charity is communicated to our community.


  • Donation of Profits:

    • At the end of the month, we calculate the profits generated from the sales of the Give Back Product (Retail Price - Cost Price).
    • The entire profit amount is then donated to the partnering organisation to further their efforts and initiatives.


Benefits for the Organisation

  • Visibility: Increased visibility within our community, drawing attention to the organisation’s cause and activities.
  • Fundraising: A dedicated opportunity for fundraising, utilising the profits generated from product sales.
  • Collaboration: A chance to collaborate with us to choose a product that aligns with the organisation’s goals and resonates with the audience.


Responsible Partner Selection

At Hop Vine & Still, we prioritise responsibility and mindful engagement in our community initiatives. We believe that the promotion of our Give Back Product should align with our commitment to social responsibility and the acknowledgment of the potential harm associated with alcohol.


Considering this perspective:

  • Preference Towards Adult-Oriented Organisations:
    • In selecting partner organisations for our Give Back Product initiative, we prioritise collaborations with adult-oriented organisations. This ensures that the promotion and support of our products are directed towards an appropriate audience.


  • Exercise of Caution with Certain Causes:
    • We acknowledge that alcohol can have adverse effects on some segments of the community. Therefore, we exercise caution and discretion when considering organisations whose initiatives involve individuals under the age of 18, schools, or community groups where the promotion of alcohol might cause harm or conflict with our responsible business practices.


We appreciate your understanding of our approach, as we strive to maintain a responsible and ethical stance in all our community engagements.



Our Give Back Product initiative is a meaningful way for us to contribute to the community and create a positive impact. We look forward to partnering with organisations like yours to make a difference, one product at a time.


For inquiries or to express interest in being a part of our Give Back Product initiative, please contact Andrew -

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