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Altina Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

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Embrace the refreshing essence of ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc, a non-alcoholic blend that reimagines the traditional Sauvignon Blanc with an Australian twist. Infused with native Australian Finger Lime, this premium de-alcoholised wine boasts a bright aroma of white nectarine and fresh cucumber, leading to a crisp finish adorned with herbaceous notes. ALTINA offers a complex, delicious non-alcoholic experience that captivates with every sip, perfect for those who appreciate the depth and ritual of wine without the alcohol.

ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc, a non-alcoholic wine with white nectarine, cucumber, and herbaceous notes. A premium blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Australian Finger Lime for a crisp experience.

Key Features

  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: Esteemed for its vibrant blend and ability to capture the essence of Sauvignon Blanc with a unique Australian botanical twist, offering a refined non-alcoholic option.
  • Non-Alcoholic: Carefully crafted by removing alcohol from premium Australian wines, ALTINA provides a rich, complex tasting experience that appeals to the discerning palate.
  • Flavor Profile: Features a bright aroma of white nectarine and fresh cucumber, followed by a crisp, refreshing finish with subtle, herbaceous undertones, thanks to the innovative addition of Finger Lime.
  • Innovation and Natural Ingredients: By blending traditional winemaking rituals with the discovery of native Australian botanicals, ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc offers a layered, engaging drinking journey.

Producer Background

ALTINA Drinks stands at the cutting edge of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, with a commitment to innovation, quality, and the use of natural ingredients. Their mission to redefine the non-alcoholic wine experience through the integration of unique botanicals highlights their dedication to offering sophisticated, health-conscious alternatives that don't compromise on taste or the traditional wine experience.

Flavor Profile

  • Entrance: Opens with the bright aroma of white nectarine and fresh cucumber, offering a fresh and inviting start.
  • Middle: The palate is greeted with the crisp, refreshing essence of Sauvignon Blanc, beautifully complemented by the distinctive tang of Australian Finger Lime.
  • Finish: Concludes with a crisp, lingering finish, where the herbaceous notes come to the forefront, offering a refined and memorable aftertaste.
  • Unique Ingredient: The addition of native Australian Finger Lime not only adds a unique citrus twist but also enhances the complexity and appeal of the beverage.

Food Pairings

The crisp and aromatic nature of ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc makes it an excellent companion to a wide range of dishes. Its fresh cucumber and white nectarine notes are perfect with seafood, such as oysters or grilled fish, highlighting the wine's brightness. The herbaceous finish pairs well with green salads, goat cheese, or dishes with fresh herbs. Serve chilled in a flute or champagne saucer to enhance its lively characteristics and complement a sophisticated dining experience.

ALTINA Finger Lime Sauvignon Blanc stands as a testament to the possibilities of non-alcoholic wine, offering a refreshing, complex option for those seeking the pleasure of wine without the alcohol. Its innovative blend of premium Sauvignon Blanc and native Australian botanicals, such as Finger Lime, ensures a tasting experience that is both unique and satisfying, ideal for any occasion that calls for a touch of elegance and refreshment.

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