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Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic 250ml

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Key Features

  • Product Name: Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic
  • Volume: 250ml
  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 92/100

Producer Background

Dasher + Fisher, a distillery with a passion for capturing the essence of Tasmania's unique landscapes, presents the Ocean Gin & Tonic. This ready-to-drink product reflects the distillery's innovative approach, blending traditional gin craftsmanship with a distinctive maritime character. It epitomizes Dasher + Fisher's commitment to creating spirits that are not only high-quality but also deeply connected to the Tasmanian environment.

Flavour Profile

The Ocean Gin & Tonic by Dasher + Fisher is a celebration of the sea. It features a unique blend of botanicals that evoke the freshness of the Tasmanian coast. Key among these is a subtle seaweed note, which imparts a distinctive maritime flavor. This is complemented by a touch of sea salt, enhancing the gin's crispness. Citrus undertones add a zesty freshness, while the foundational juniper flavor remains prominent. The result is a gin & tonic that is refreshing, slightly saline, and wonderfully complex.

Serving Suggestions

Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic is ideal for various occasions:

  • Summer Evenings: Perfect for sipping on warm, breezy evenings.
  • Seafood Pairings: Complements dishes like oysters or grilled fish.
  • Relaxation Moments: Ideal for unwinding after a long day.

For the best experience, serve this gin & tonic chilled. It's a superb choice for those seeking a sophisticated, yet easy-to-enjoy beverage that captures the spirit of the ocean

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