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Finch's Feast Riesling 2022 750ml

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Savor the elegance of Tasmania's terroir in every sip of the Finch's Feast Riesling 2021. This fine wine, a compelling testament to the winemaking prowess of the region, is a testament to the captivating character of Tasmanian Rieslings.

The Finch's Feast Riesling 2021 is a vibrant expression of its cool-climate origin. It greets the palate with crisp, well-defined citrus flavors, predominantly of zesty lemon and tart green apple. Beneath these bright notes, a subtle layer of tropical fruit flavors peeks through, adding depth and complexity.

The aroma profile is equally enchanting, presenting a bouquet of delicate white flowers, fresh lime, and a hint of flinty minerality - a nod to the unique soil composition of the Tasmanian vineyards. This aromatic complexity sets the stage for the sensory journey that this wine promises.

One of the standout features of the Finch's Feast Riesling 2021 is its exquisite balance. It manages to marry high natural acidity with a hint of residual sugar, resulting in a wine that is both refreshing and beautifully rounded. The finish is long and clean, leaving a lingering taste of ripe citrus fruits and subtle mineral undertones.

This is a wine that is ready to be enjoyed now, but will also reward those who have the patience to cellar it. Over time, it will develop honeyed, toast-like flavors, adding a new dimension to its already captivating profile.

Finch's Feast Riesling 2021 is a delightful companion to a range of dishes. It pairs beautifully with fresh seafood, Asian cuisine with its spicy or sweet-and-sour profiles, and even rich, creamy cheeses.

Experience the quintessential Tasmanian Riesling with the Finch's Feast 2021, a wine that captures the spirit and flavor of its region with remarkable finesse and sophistication. It's not just a wine - it's a celebration of Tasmania's stunning landscape, encapsulated in a bottle.

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