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Home Hill Landslide Pinot Noir 2023 750ml

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Meet "Landslide" - a Pinot Noir that has a story to tell. Its name hails from a landslip that occurred three decades ago on our property, an event that brought about change and renewal.

In the glass, Landslide is a beautiful dark ruby, reminiscent of the rich earth in which its grapes grow. Its aroma is a captivating ensemble of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and nutmeg, an olfactory symphony that promises depth and complexity.

As the wine glides over the middle palate, it reveals layers of luscious blackberries and boysenberries. Traces of forest floor make a subtle appearance, adding an intriguing wild note to the wine's character.

The Landslide was oaked for nine months, with a restrained 2% being new French oak. This nuanced oak treatment gives it a perfectly balanced, medium body without overpowering the wine's intrinsic qualities.

Its finale is a dance of light and soft tannins that caress your palate with a savoury finish.

This is a Pinot Noir that is elegant and assured, just like its namesake. You can enjoy the Landslide now or let it rest in your cellar. Given time, it will continue to evolve and express its depth, promising a remarkable wine journey for up to seven years.

In a word, the Landslide is not merely a wine – it's an experience, a testament to resilience and the capacity for beauty even in unexpected events. Just as a landslide reshapes a landscape, this Pinot Noir will reshape your expectations of what a wine can be. Enjoy the journey!

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