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Lark Classic Cask 100ml + Glencairn Glass

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Experience the elegance of the Lark Classic Cask 100ml paired with a Glencairn Glass, a perfect set for whisky enthusiasts. This premium single malt whisky from Tasmania's renowned LARK Distillery features rich and complex flavours, perfectly showcased in the iconic Glencairn Glass.

Discover the Lark Classic Cask 100ml with a Glencairn Glass. This Tasmanian single malt whisky features rich flavours, perfect for savouring in the iconic Glencairn Glass.

Key Features

  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 96/100
  • Flavour Notes: Vanilla, dried fruits, toffee, hints of spice
  • Premium Set: Includes a 100ml bottle of Lark Classic Cask and a Glencairn Glass
  • Ideal for Gifting: Perfect for whisky lovers and collectors

Producer Background

LARK Distillery, a pioneer of the Tasmanian whisky industry, is celebrated for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Each bottle is a reflection of the pristine environment and meticulous attention to detail. The Lark Classic Cask showcases the distillery's expertise in creating exceptional single malt whisky.

Flavour Profile

The Lark Classic Cask offers a rich and layered tasting experience:

  • Vanilla: Smooth and creamy, providing a delightful sweetness
  • Dried Fruits: Adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile
  • Toffee: A rich, caramel-like note that enhances the overall sweetness
  • Hints of Spice: Subtle spiciness that balances the sweetness perfectly

Glencairn Glass

The set includes the iconic Glencairn Glass, designed specifically for whisky tasting:

  • Design: Tulip shape enhances the whisky's aromas and flavours
  • Material: High-quality, lead-free crystal
  • Capacity: 50ml, ideal for appreciating the whisky's nuances

Food Pairings

Complement your Lark Classic Cask whisky with these delicious food pairings:

  • Apple Pie: The sweetness of the pie enhances the whisky's vanilla and toffee notes
  • Charcuterie Board: A selection of cured meats and cheeses pairs beautifully with the whisky's complexity
  • Dark Chocolate Truffles: The rich chocolate amplifies the dried fruit and spice flavours
  • Roasted Nuts: Adds a delightful crunch and complements the whisky's warm, nutty undertones

Indulge in the Lark Classic Cask 100ml with a Glencairn Glass, a perfect combination for appreciating the full spectrum of this exquisite Tasmanian single malt whisky. Ideal for both personal enjoyment and gifting to fellow whisky enthusiasts.

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