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The Remnant "Fly By Night" Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky 500ml

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Discover The Remnant "Fly By Night" Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky: A 500ml journey of aromatic mocha, blood orange, and fresh peach, leading to a palate of chocolate orange, meringue, and salted caramel, ending in a sophisticated almond croissant and vanilla custard finish.

Key Features:

  • Product Name: The Remnant "Fly By Night" Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Cask Maturation: First-fill Bourbon and Australian Apera casks
  • Aroma Profile: Mocha, blood orange, ripe peach, toasted marshmallow
  • Palate Profile: Dark chocolate orange, meringue, salted caramel
  • Finish: Almond croissant, vanilla custard
  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 94

Producer Background: The Remnant Distillery, nestled in the pristine Tasmanian landscape, is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in whisky making. Embracing Tasmania's rich resources, the distillery crafts unique, character-filled spirits that capture the essence of their local environment.

Flavour Profile: "The Remnant "Fly By Night" is a sensory journey, starting with a bouquet of mocha and blood orange, leading to a lush palate of dark chocolate orange and salted caramel, and finishing with the comforting flavours of almond croissant and vanilla custard. This whisky is a testament to the skillful blending of traditional and innovative techniques in distillation and aging.

Food Pairings: This whisky pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. Complement its decadent chocolate and caramel notes with rich desserts like chocolate fondant or caramel tart. For a savoury twist, try it alongside aged cheddar or a charcuterie platter featuring cured meats and dried fruits.

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