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Waubs Harbour Founder's Reserve 62%, Batch 06 500ml

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Discover the exquisite Waubs Harbour Founder's Reserve, a 62% ABV Batch 06 single malt whisky that embodies the pinnacle of Tasmanian craftsmanship. This premium release, celebrated for its intense flavours and maritime essence, stands as a testament to the distillery's dedication to excellence, having secured the Gold medal at the World Whisky Award 2024 for Small Batch Single Malt Whisky without an age statement.

Key Features

  • ABV: 62%
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Batch: 06
  • Hop Vine & Still Tasting Panel Score: 95/100
  • Awards: Gold medal at the World Whisky Award 2024 for Small Batch Single Malt Whisky (no age statement)

This Founder's Reserve edition is Waubs Harbour's most distinguished release, where the first bottle was auctioned for $4800, highlighting its exclusivity and desirability among whisky connoisseurs. Crafted using the highest quality ex-tawny port casks, handpicked by the head distiller, this whisky is bottled at cask strength to preserve its rich, oily texture and intensity of flavor. Expect a harmonious blend of big sultana port notes, chocolate, and a lingering salted caramel finish that is both juicy and delightful.

Producer Background

Waubs Harbour distillery, nestled in the heart of Tasmania, is renowned for its commitment to producing single malt whiskies of unparalleled quality. The distillery prides itself on embracing the unique Tasmanian maritime character, which is vividly reflected in the Founder's Reserve. By selecting only the finest ex-tawny port casks for aging, Waubs Harbour ensures each batch, including Batch 06, is a celebration of the distillery's innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.

Flavour Profile

  • Nose: A rich tapestry of sultana port and subtle chocolate aromas.
  • Palate: Intense flavors of sultana port, complemented by chocolate nuances and a deep, oily richness.
  • Finish: A long, satisfying finish of salted caramel, encapsulating a unique Tasmanian maritime character.

Food Pairings

The Waubs Harbour Founder's Reserve pairs exceptionally well with rich desserts that complement its deep, port-infused flavors and salty caramel finish. Ideal partners include:

  • Chocolate fondant or lava cake, to match its chocolate notes.
  • Salted caramel tart, enhancing the whisky's long finish.
  • Blue cheese, for a contrasting pairing that highlights the whisky's complexity and depth.

This Batch 06 Founder's Reserve from Waubs Harbour is not just a whisky; it's a luxurious experience that transports you to the rugged coasts of Tasmania, offering a taste that is as unforgettable as the island itself.

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