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Find the right wine glass.

Wine enthusiasts know that the right wine glass can make a big difference in the taste and enjoyment of their favourite bottle. The shape and size of a wine glass can enhance or detract from the flavours and aromas of the wine, making it essential to choose the right glass for the type of wine you're drinking.

First, let's talk about the shape of a wine glass. The bowl of a wine glass is designed to hold the wine and allow it to breathe, releasing its aromas and flavours. The shape of the bowl can affect the way the wine is delivered to the nose and palate. For example, a narrow bowl is best for wines with high acidity, such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, as it concentrates the aroma and delivers it to the nose. Meanwhile, a wider bowl is better for wines with a lot of tannins, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz, as it allows the wine to aerate and soften the tannins.

The stem of a wine glass is also important, as it allows the wine to be held without warming the wine with your hands. It's also an elegant way to hold the glass, and most importantly, it allows you to swirl the wine, which helps release its aroma and flavour.

Zalto Glassware is a brand that creates some of the most beautiful and functional wine glasses on the market. The company's glasses are hand-blown and made from lead-free crystal, which is lightweight yet durable. The unique design of Zalto glasses is based on the principles of physics and the movements of the earth, which ensures that the wine is delivered to the nose and palate in the most optimal way possible.

The right wine glass can make a big difference in the taste and enjoyment of your favourite bottle, and Zalto Glassware is a great choice for those who want beautiful, functional and high-quality wine glasses. 

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