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Which Gin Is Best? - Hop Vine & Still

Which Gin Is Best?

With so many exceptional Tasmanian gins to chose from at the moment , we are often asked ‘which one is the best?’ However, we’d suggest the key question is ‘which one is for me?’ 

While we have a vast selection of local gins here to taste daily at Hop Vine & Still, here are some further thoughts on three very different and equally delicious drops. 

Taylor & Smith Gin - Moonah, Tasmania

If you look into a bottle of Taylor & Smith you will see a tiny jubilant citrus orchard in the bottom of the bottle. Okay, that’s not quite true, but once it hits your mouth that little fib becomes a heck of a lot more believable. With an abundance of citrus notes paired with zesty botanics, this gin boosts a lot of flavour in a very understated way. We suggest enjoying it tall with Strange Love’s Yuzu Soda or gently shaken with ice, served with a rosemary sprig and topped up with a splash of light tonic in a stemmed coupe. This one proves it’s way more than just another pretty bottle.

Spring Bay Gin - Spring Beach, East Coast Tasmania

Nothing lazy about a rainy day when it comes to making this wildly refreshing gin. Distilled using fresh rain water and local botanics, we can only compare the flavour of this gin to a dip in the ocean, cleansing and fresh, leaving you with a thirst for more. This is an essential staple to a gin lover’s bar as it is incredibly versatile, enjoyed with the simplicities of cucumber juice and basil or mixed into elaborate cocktails which can showcase the sophistication of this drop - either way, Spring Bay Gin delivers.

Hartshorn Sheep Whey Gin - Birchs Bay, Tasmania 

Whey-t, what? Yep, Tasmanian sheep’s whey is a crucial part of this award winning gin. A little more viscose than your average gin, it boasts a silky mouth feel and packs an intricately layered punch. The botanics are introduced to this gin using a vaporising technique rather than the more common method of steeping, which really elevates the peppery zing. Wonderful in a Negroni as the Campari & Vermouth marries with the light spice of this beautiful spirit.

The selection of Tasmanian gins we have at Hop Vine & Still doesn’t stop here - there are so many more wonderful drops to try! And while these are the humble opinions of HVS team member Meg (our resident gin lover), we are always keen to hear what you think. Pop in store for a taste and see what takes your fancy, or select one to try from our online store.

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